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  • Dual Air Premium Inflator

    Dual Air Premium Inflator

    • Inflates two latex balloons at one time.
    • Great for single nozzle inflation of foils. Will not over-inflate foils due to the secondary nozzle, which lets the excess air escape. 
    • High-capacity motor that supports dual inflation, with long-lasting, reliable performance.
    • Inflates all latex balloons 5˝ and larger and all sizes of foil balloons.
    • Dual-Air™ comes with three sets of reducers; a set for larger foil balloons, a set for small latex balloons and a set for smaller latex balloons.
    • Durable, high-impact housing for reliable, long-term use.
    • Quieter than most all other inflators currently on the market.
    • Custom carry bag for easy transport.
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  • Extension Hose (Push Cylinder)

    Versatile quick disconnect fitting lets you change the outlet to meet the need of a particular job.


    Lenght: 10ft / 3m


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  • Lagenda Dual Output Programmable Balloon Inflator

    Lagenda Dual output programmable balloon inflator is very good for inflating large quantities of different size latex balloons at the same time.

    Article-Code : B322

    Color : Black

    -Built-in cooling system

    – inflates 5”, 12” and 18” latex balloons

    – Built-in compressor

    – Useful for on location

    -Counter can be adapted manually

    – Can inflate two different sizes at the same time

    -Can be used with a foot pedal or a push button

    240 Volt operation


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  • Pocket Pump

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  • Trigger Valve Outlet

    Extension Hose can be found here

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