Lagenda B322 Precise Inflator V5.0 Dual Output Programmable

675.00 ex.VAT

Lagenda Dual output programmable balloon inflator is very good for inflating large quantities of different size latex balloons at the same time.

Article-Code : B322

Color : Black

-Built-in cooling system

– inflates 5”, 12” and 18” latex balloons

– Built-in compressor

– Useful for on location

-Counter can be adapted manually

– Can inflate two different sizes at the same time

-Can be used with a foot pedal or a push button

240 Volt operation

1. With two nozzle, touch on switch and foot pedal switch

2. Equiped with time and counter controller to inflate all the balloon with the same size

3. For round balloons, also can inflate 260 balloons
4.There are 6 shortcut key on the inflator which is for recording 5 groups of inflating time..
5. With APP for the inflator which will record all the usage of the inflator

6. It allows you to inflate a large number of balloons quickly and efficiently

7. Wrapped with nonwoven bag and packed with nice gift box

9. Easy to operate, carry-on size and high pressure


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