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Grey Gloss Vinyl - (305mm x 5m)

5.50 ex.VAT

Dimensions: 305mm x 5m

Sign Vinyl SUPERIOR 4000 Gloss

Sign Vinyl – The SUPERIOR 4000 Gloss Series is suitable for short to middle term applications on windows, signage and a lot of other smooth surfaces. The durability is up to 4 years outdoor, indoor up to 10 years.

The SUPERIOR 4000 Gloss has a weather proof semi-permanent adhesive with excellent adhesive properties. The adhesive allows the vinyl to be removed without residue.

Both, the SUPERIOR 4100 Matt Series and the SUPERIOR 4000 Gloss sign vinyl, have excellent cutting and weeding properties and are perfectly suited to cutting with hobby or professional vinyl cutters.

B1 certified – The SUPERIOR 4000 sign vinyl has been certified as flame retardardant according to the B1 DIN 4102-1 standard.

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